Bruce Panagopoulos is an American singer, songwriter, and recording artist based in San Antonio, TX. His single “Sleeping Pills” has surpassed 4k+ Streams on YouTube and 1.7k+ on Spotify, receiving praise from fans as a refreshing discovery from the modern noise.

“Man, this song is genuinely amazing. I can't describe the feelings I feel when I listen to this even though this isn't my normal listening style.” – Dylan G.

Captivated by the aura of music, he began to learn instruments as young as the age of 3, starting with his first guitar. Enveloped by the music in his home and surroundings, his hunger for more grew everlasting. He discovered his talents at the age of 15 and turned them into a career path. Over the course of many years, he has learned to play 5+ instruments, as well as producing his own records. Combining music and art, he cultivates an experience like no other, captivating listeners and bringing them into a new realm.